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What are the tools you need?

We have reviewed the best tools that you will need to turn your business into digital.  We use a lot of them.  This will save you a lot of time asking, googling -and a lot of money too-

Which are the business essentials to operate?

From process to banking and even how to have your information secure. Technology brought to small business the same techniques big companies use, without the cost.

Which is the process?

Organizing your work and -most of all- automating it is a key to maximize your time both when you start and when you are at a scaling phase. Put your effort where it returns more. and automate the rest.


Three areas to master in a great business.

It is very important to be in social media

Are you visible? Easy to google? Can people recommend you in social networks? Don’t go for everybody. Talk to who is interested.

Storytelling engages your audience

Having an interesting story around your solution will power up your business fast. Engagement comes from a great value proposition PLUS emotional connection. 

Monetizing your site is fundamental

A great idea without a great business model behind will struggle to survive. Have you figured out this yet?

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